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Cali OG - Hybrid (75% Sativa/25% Indica)
This super flower is an offspring of Calijuana and OG.
The buds are fresh & plump and have a sweet-n-sour OG smell.
The taste is superb. The high is forceful and long-lasting.
This is a great medication for daytime use, if you handle it.

Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid
This is the highly-desired Girl School Cookies.
The perfectly manicured buds look like they were made for the movies.
The buds are dense, they break apart nicely and have a strong OG smell.
This is one of the best flowers in California at the present time.
The taste is sweet-n-sour and the high is outstanding; heavy and long-lasting.
Enjoy the Girl Scout Cookies before they're all gone.

Grape Gorilla - Indica
This is top-quality, indica flower that will body slam you.
This flower is an offspring of Grape Ape and Purple Crack!
One dose of this super strain and you will feel like beating your chest.
This is strong medicine so limit your use until you become tolerant.

Organic OG - Indica
This is Marijuana Market's exclusive Organic OG.
This one-of-a-kind flower has been perfectly prepared for your pleasure.
The buds are tight and have the unmistakable OG stink.
This strain is known for having a high THC content and you will feel it.
After one small dose, you will experience euphoria. Enjoy this special flower while it's here.

Rhino - Sativa
This is the endangered and rarely seen Rhino!
This is a cross of Blue Oxen and Purpetrator.
The buds are huge and firm with a touch of purple.
This unique strain a wild smell and taste like a treat.
This sativa flower will surely increase your mental activity and prowess.
Great for daytime use. Effective medication.

Sour Diesel - Sativa
This is the famous Sour Diesel. This is a power sativa known for it's sudden impact.
The buds are medium-to-big, break apart nicely and have a sweet-n-sour smell.
This flower hits you hard and may leave you speechless at first.
All-around great med.

Strawberry Delight - Hybrid
This is a beautifully prepared flower.
Big, healthy buds that smell like fresh strawberries.
This a premier hybrid medication that is high in THC.
This is a true hybrid that can soothe the mind and body and the same time.
This potent flower is also used as a muscle-relaxer and pain-reliever.

Super Silver Haze - Sativa
It's back. This is our famous, original Super Silver Haze.
We have had variations such as the SS2 and White Gold but this is where they all come from.
This is our super-powered sativa that will get your motor running.
Perfect for mental stimulation and daytime use but be very careful.
This medication can seem extremely strong to patients with a low tolerance.
You may find Super Silver Haze in L.A. but there's nothing like this Super Silver Haze.
Beautiful flower prepared with style. Enjoy.

White Gold - Sativa
This batch of White Gold is UNBELIEVABLE.
This is our Super Silver Haze grown with special concoction of organic nutrients.
This strain has a stink that you will not forget.
The taste is a smooth, sweet-n-sour treat but get ready.
The effect is powerfully mind-moving (and expanding too).
This is the ultimate mental stimulator.

Hollywood Wax - Hybrid
For those who enjoy the finer things in life, this wax is for you.
This is a hybrid wax that is sticky and wonderful.
Wax is for those with an extremely high-tolerance, so beware.

Pacific Coast Hash (PCH) - Indica
This is premium PCH made from Malibu OG and Original OG. This is a pure indica concentrate.
This is a great, hard-pressed concentrate that will leave you speechless.
The smell is piny and quite strong. It burns nicely on a bowl or all by itself.
Use minimum amounts until you measure your tolerance.

Super Silver Kief - Sativa
This is pure, handmade kief from our own Super Silver Haze.
This mustard-colored kief has the Super Silver stench and is wonderful to sprinkle on your bowl or in a joint.
This is an outstanding mental stimulator and will get your creative energy flowing!
Very intense effect so be careful on first use.

Gold Marijuana Cannabis Oil
PotLabs is the producer of Gold Marijuana Cannabis Oil.
Gold Marijuana is a pure, premium cannabis extract
naturally derived from California cannabis, glycerin and sunshine.
Gold Marijuana is a concentrated form of marijuana that is for patients with high-tolerance.
For best results, smoke with a Gorilla E-Cig, place drops on your bowl or before you roll.

E-Cigarette Package with Refill Cartridge
This package includes the original E-Cigarette (e-pen, cartridge, battery and USB charger)
along with an extra pre-filled cartridge with .5g Gold Marijuana™ Cannabis Oil.

E-Cigarette Package
This package includes the original E-Cigarette along with a cartridge, battery and USB charger.

Pre-filled E-Cigarette (E-Pen) Refill Cartridge
This is a refill cartridge for your e-cigarette (e-pen) vaporizer.
This cartridge is pre filled with .5g Gold Marijuana™ Cannabis Oil.

Marijuana Drops - Flavored and Unflavored
These are one ounce bottles of glycerin-based marijuana drops.
These wonderful drops are made with premium cannabis,
vegetable glycerin and flavoring.
The recommended dosage is two to three drops under the tongue.
*Dosage may vary depending on tolerance.

Maributter™ is available in 6oz and 16oz containers.
MariOil™ is available in a 250ml bottle. (8.45oz)
Maributter™ and MariOil™ are cannabis-infused products for baking and cooking.
Simply substitute Maributter™ and MariOil™ in your favorite recipes.


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