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Tinseltown - Indica
This is what the movie stars and Hollywood elite smoke...when they can get it from us.
This is a very special mix of premium Hollywood Gum and Platinum OG.
This beautiful flower will make your mouth water. The sweet taste is a real treat.
The effect from this medication is heavy and can be a wonderful full-body relaxer, pain reliever and sleep-aid.

Irish Skunk - ORGANIC Hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
This is the organic version of Irish Skunk.
The buds are big and firm and break apart nicely to smoke.
This particular flower has a more piny and earthy scent than regular Skunk.
This is a very desirable strain because the effect is intense and long-lasting.

Skywalker OG - Indica
This is the famous and original Skywalker OG. It's popular because it's one of the best.
This beautiful flower has been perfectly prepared.
The crystals shine on the buds and the smell is skunky strong. Sticky and stinky.
This strain has an unblemished reputation as being a first-class medication and our version will not disappoint.
Be ready to experience a powerful effect, similar to a stranglehold. :)
We are proud to offer this.

Green Crack - Hybrid
This super fine flower originated in Hawaii as Mango
then moved to NorCal where it was renamed Hawaiian Mango.
Upon landing in SoCal it received the notorious moniker Green Crack.
These buds are tight and dense! And they taste great!
This medication has a well-known, pungent smell and a strong cerebral effect. Top shelf. FIVE STARS.

Sunset Kush - Indica
This is a Marijuana Market exclusive.
This is the super rare Sunset Kush that is a pure indica hybrid.
This flower is a cross between Bubba Kush and Pineapple Kush.
The smell is sweet and fruity. (What did you expect?!)
The taste is more dessert than dinner.
Although this is a special treat, REMEMBER, this is a chronic pain killer and a sleep aid.

Super Silver Haze - Sativa
It's back. This is our famous, original Super Silver Haze.
We have had variations such as the SS2 and White Gold but this is where they all come from.
This is our super-powered sativa that will get your motor running.
Perfect for mental stimulation and daytime use but be very careful.
This medication can seem extremely strong to patients with a low tolerance.
You may find Super Silver Haze in L.A. but there's nothing like this Super Silver Haze.
Beautiful flower prepared with style. Enjoy.

Dreamer's Kief - Sativa
This is some incredible kief! It's called Dreamer's Kief for more than one reason.
First, this first-class kief is made from Blue Dream and Green Crack.
Second, it will definitely put you in a dream state after you smoke it.
This blonde-colored kief has a tart smell, great texture and smokes perfectly.
This is a super mental stimulator. If you have a problem, this will help you solve it.
Very strong so be careful with first use.

Downtown Oakland Hash - Indica
This is some hardcore and hard-hitting concentrate.
This has a bitter sharp taste that elves your mouth slightly numb.
This is great to mix with buds or smoke alone, but be careful.
This is a chronic pain killer for the experienced user.

Marijuana Drops - Flavored and Unfalvored
These are one ounce bottles of glycerin-based marijuana drops.
These wonderful drops are made with premium cannabis,
vegetable glycerin and flavoring.
The recommended dosage is two to three drops under the tongue.
*Dosage may vary depending on tolerance.

Maributter™ is now available in six ounce containers.
Maributter™ is a hybrid medication created for baking and cooking.
Simply substitute Maributter™ for regular butter in your favorite recipes.


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